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Reasons to buy a Curling Iron

a Clipless Curling Iron

There are many types of curling iron but the clipless model is growing in popularity. The conventional spring curling iron may be the most popular in the market but it has a few disadvantages. Its advantages are that it’s familiar, ideal for beginners and safe to use.

However, the clip that comes with the conventional model can create crimp marks in the curls and limits access to your roots. The clipless curling iron doesn’t have the shortcomings of a spring curling iron due to its unique design. Here are a few more reasons why you should prefer a clipless curling iron over any other:

Natural looking curls

Since the absent of a clip means no crease or crimp marks, the curls that you create with a clipless curling iron will appear much more natural. Also, since the method for curling is different, your hair will also become healthier. With a spring curling iron you have to wrap your hair around the barrel ends first, exposing them to the heat more, with a clipless model the ends are wrapped around last, so split ends are prevented.

Easier access

Due to the design of the clipless curling iron, you are able to access your roots a lot easily without the encumbrance of a clip. This gives you more curling freedom, more than what you would normally have with a spring curling iron.

Better maneuverability

Since there’s no clip, and the barrel is lighter, a clipless curling iron is much easier to manage than a spring curling iron. There’s no need to rotate the barrel on itself, simply wrap a lock of hair around the barrel and keep it there for a few seconds. The styling process is sped up because of this. Many people find the lack of a clip more versatile and easy to use.

Smoother results

The clipless curling iron has a smooth, tapered barrel, which means that the curls created will also be smooth. The material the barrel is made from will determine the result of the curl, for example a ceramic barrel is lighter, smoother and healthier, producing soft, glossy curls.

For a flawless curling process, you should check out the Karmin Salon Pro Clipless curling iron with its ultra polished ceramic tourmaline barrel that helps produce the smoothest, shiniest curls and long lasting results. The barrel reaches 410°F making it suitable for any hair type, so make sure you get a look at it!

Should I Buy Her a Flat Iron?

a Flat Iron

If you don’t or if you’re in the market for a new beauty tool, keep reading to find out factors to consider when deciding on a flat iron to purchase.

Can you have super curly hair? It is necessary to contemplate your hair kind, when deciding on a flat iron. Your hair type will establish the perfect measurement of the plates, the kind of flat iron which will suit you best and the heat settings needed for the flat iron.

Okay, good, perhaps not kryptonite (yet), but flat iron technology is always evolving.

Based on, the leader in on-line flat iron sales, Thank The Best – “ceramic plates disperse heat evenly for fast, safe styling”.

Tourmaline raises negative ions that balance hair frizz and to dramatically reduce static.

Hair equally heats with a high ionic output signal, so the plates get more satiny & hair glossier.

This flat irons that are professional may be expensive, but the quality is frequently better. A lot more of substance the ceramic, tourmaline or titanium can be used in the plates. Some more fundamental flat irons just have ceramic coating on the plates which could wear off over time.

There’s no radical difference between titanium, ceramic and tourmaline flat irons. Ceramic flat irons are common, followed by titanium and tourmaline.

Generally, short to medium hairdos do best with the 1-1.5″ flat irons and longer hairdos (significantly below the shoulders) do nicely with 2″ flat irons. Actually, unlike other matters in life, size does not actually matter as you believe.

Just how much money are you currently willing to spend on locating the best flat iron for your own hair type? As discussed, the less costly flat irons may have titanium, tourmaline or ceramic coatings on the plates and have less flexibility when it comes to temperature settings. With time, these plates wear than the higher end flat irons. Flat irons may be perfect for short term use on hair that is normal.

For those who have anything but hair that is ordinary, you might need to choose a midrange ($60-$150) or high end professional ($150) flat iron. Make the investment, if you’re able to manage it. These flat irons are less harmful for your hair and continue longer.